The Foundation "Smiles for Moldova" is founded by Dr. Rob van Oort, with the objective to build a centre for Maxillofacial prosthetics in the PMSI Oncologic Institute, Chisinau, Republic Moldova. The idea was conceived du ring an International congres for Maxillofacial Prosthetics in The university Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands at 8 and 9 February 2007. The next year a project plan was formulated in close cooperation with Dr Rodica Mindruta, Head and Neck Oncology surgeon of the PMSI Oncologic Instituut. In June 2010 it resulted in the formal opening of a MFP clinic in the PMSI Oncological Institute, followed by a training project of the dental professionals in the Institute.

Board of the Foundation: Dr Robert van Oort, Chairman, Dr Harry Reintsema, Treasurer, Dr Anton Strabbing, secretary.

Information about Republic Moldova and the Oncologic Institute
MoldaviŰ The Republic Moldova has 3,7 million inhabitants. 680.000 of whom are living in Chisinau and the rest in 6 cities and the agricultural countryside. Notwithstanding recent growth, the Republic of Moldova remains the poorest country in the WHO European Region, with an estimated per capita gross national income of US $ 1800 in 2010 (World Bank, 2011). The Republic of Moldova is experiencing negative population growth in spite of a slight increase in the birth rate. The PMSI Oncologic institute is the only cancer hospital in Rep.Moldova and has affiliated hospitals in other cities. There had not been a centre for Maxillofacial prosthetics for treatment of oncologic, trauma and congenital defects before 2007. , and defect patients were treated into private dental practices. Based on Oncologic Institute data from the last 10 years the incidence for patients with maxillofacial defects is about 80 to 90 per year.

Projectplan 2007 - 2012:
The project plan described the following chapters: Project background; Project scope; Objectives; Program team of both Institutes; Project timeline; Project resource requirements; Project funding; Project risks; Responsibilities Chisinau/Groningen; Responsibilities of project leaders; Responsibility project team.
A projectplan 2012 - 2017 will be described by Dr Rodica Mindruta

Our utmost gratitude is extended to the following individuals and funds that have been involved from 2007 to 2012, Each made a generous and appreciated contribution that helped make this effort a success:
Patients and colleagues of dep. Oral surgery of Special dental care and MFP, UMCG, Groningen;
Drs Bart va Oort for his valuable expertise to form the projectplan 2007 - 2012;
Jorgen van der Pol for his kayak fundraiser tour over 4000 km from Groningen to Chisinau, Eelde-Paterswolde and GKV;
Marlies and Robbert van der Eijk, Groningen;
Organizing Committee Kayak Project Groningen-Chisinau; National Academics as mayor sponsor of the fundraising kayak tour of Jorgen van der Pol;
PUM Netherlands Senior experts Den Haag;
NCDO Matra KPA, Netherlands;
FoundationJanivo, Zeist; Het Anton Jurgens fonds; Den Haag;
Het Innovatiefonds Zorgverzekeraars, Zeist;
De Dutch Embassey in Oekra´ne and the dutch Consul in Moldova Dr R de Groof);
The interim project manager Ir George Hille, Urgenta, Utrecht;
Acasa, NGO, Chisinau Moldova and the Moldovan construction engineers and Vitasystem for delivery of the equipment:
The coordinators of the Oncological Institute: Dr Rodica Mindruta and Dr Vadim Pogonet;
Directory Prof V. Cernat , Head of the department Prof G.Tsibirna;
Patients and personnel of PMSI Institute of Oncology in Chisinau;
Mr.Gerrit van Dijk en Mr. Roelof Sie for the technological training in the dental Laboratory (TTL MFP van Dijk, Groningen) of prosthodintist Valentina Luca and technician Ivan Vilcu

Groningen, Oktober 2012