The Problem of Patient Care in Moldova

The Problem

The 22 years surveillance in PMSI Institute of Oncology shows 424 defect patients. This means annually an average of 21 new patients with intra oral and extra oral defects. The last 5 years (2002 - 2006) data of Department of statistics are as follows:
- Total tumour prevalence in Moldova is growing in this period from 6080 to 7361 cases.

silicone Labial prosthesis made by prosthetist, remake needed within 6 months

The compartments of the main objective and the efforts made for its implementation:
  1. Creation, organization and initiation of a rehabilitation service (prosthetic and palliative) in Republic of Moldova (PMSI Institute of Oncology). The service will offer qualitative and treat patients with facial defects after combined anticancer treatment and extensive operations for head and neck tumors and patients after traumatic injures.
  2. Theoretical and practical training of the future prosthetic service team members (prosthesis specialist, technician and palliative care doctor).
  3. Finding of financial sources for reparation and refurnishing of the offices for prosthetic service.
  4. Finding of the needed equipment and materials for prosthetic service activity.
  5. Improvement of infrastructure of peri-operative care of dep. Of Microsurgery and transplants of Head and neck oncology.


Expected results